Big Steps: Observation Vs Engagement

by Ren Slavin July 10, 2023
An image showing customer engagement - a person scrolling through a phone liking, commenting and sharing

Let’s start by asking you a very simple question – would you respond to your own social media posts, if you were part of your target audience?

Most people’s default response would be “Yes, of course.” Naturally, there would be a bit of bias involved…

There’s a striking difference between those in your audience that are merely observing your social media posts, and those that are actively engaging (commenting, liking, sharing etc.). 

We are going to outline a few classic errors people make when it comes to creating content for audience engagement, and how to fix them! 

You’re not using CTAs

A CTA is a call to action – a phrase you use to send your audience on a journey. This could be something as simple as “Click the link to find out more” to “sign up to our mailing list, to receive 10% off your next order.” 

By not using CTAs in your copy on your social posts, you’re not giving your audience something to hook onto to start their customer journey. It’s almost like starting a conversation and just walking away without finishing it – doesn’t really make sense, does it?

CTAs are there to prompt actions, boost engagement, drive conversations, and create urgency – the list goes on!

Overcomplicated Copy = Poor Engagement

Unless you’re intentionally reading a blog post or an article, nobody wants to go out of their way to read long bits of text. We are a generation of lazy content absorbers, so we much prefer seeing visual content (i.e. images or videos).

Start to break down your copy into bitesize chunks. You want your audience to remain engaged, not get bored of reading!

  • Turn your main points into fun videos or graphics
  • Use bullet points
  • Incorporate emojis to encourage visual engagement 
  • Use smaller sentences 
  • Don’t use specialist jargon (unless you’re explaining what it means)

You Prioritise Aesthetics

We get it – things that look great are super satisfying, and sometimes you feel as if something looking professional is more important than how easy it is to use.

But customers absolutely hate having to navigate a poorly laid-out website. Your audience will get bored of you posting things that ‘look nice’ instead of meaningful content that adds value to their newsfeed. 

Usability should be prioritised when it comes to your social strategy. Make sure that you’re creating your content with value-adding in mind. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on things that look amazing, you just need to find a balance!

Ensure your website is accessible to all, and updated regularly. Check your links are working, and that none of them lead to a dead website. Keep your social media strategy current, relatable and valuable – your followers will thank you later

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