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Learning marketing is like learning to play an instrument – mastering the piano is great, but beginners can attract an audience too.

Each episode Marketing 101 will break down the barriers of a particular marketing activity and give you simple, practical advice and ideas to put into action today. Small business owners and the self employed can’t always be marketers too, you’ve got your customers and your product to focus on. But, if you have a website or social media presence for your business then you DO need to adhere to best-practice for the platforms that you use and you should make use of the tools they provide.

The Marketing 101 podcast will tackle and remove ‘the overwhelm’ of one topic per episode (topics like Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing) and give you clear, actionable steps to take within your own business without having to hire in a consultant or a web developer.

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Alex Ryan - Marketing Consultant

Hosted by Alex Ryan, founder of Marketing 101

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