Case Study: Construction Health & Wellbeing

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Who they are

Construction Health & Wellbeing is a company that provides health and well-being services, consultation, and project management to the construction industry. With a small number of staff focused on the delivery of their services, they didn’t have time to manage their social media, blogs, email marketing, or advertising. That’s why they sought the help of Marketing 101.

What we did

Marketing 101 provided Construction Health & Wellbeing with a full management of their social media, including planning, content creation, and delivery. We also optimised and published blogs, created and sent email marketing/newsletters, and ran lead generation campaigns on social media when necessary. When asked, we also built an entirely new website to become the Construction Health & Wellbeing home; constructionhealth.co.uk

The results

Construction Health & Wellbeing was able to achieve a cohesive marketing presence that was fully outsourced, saving owner Jennie and her team an incredible amount of time.

Impressions and engagement increased across all social media platforms and mailing lists, and web traffic increased significantly and consistently. This was a great achievement for the company, as it helped them to reach more potential clients, increase the visibility of their services and ultimately grow their business.

Marketing 101 helped to save time and resources by taking on full management of their social media, email marketing, and advertising campaigns. Our efforts helped the company to achieve a cohesive marketing presence, increase impressions and engagement across all social media platforms and mailing lists, and web traffic, leading to more leads and clients for Construction Health & Wellbeing.

“Marketing 101 has been an amazing help to my relatively new business. They were quickly able to understand the needs of my business and the industry I was in. I’m so glad that I got their support as I’m already seeing the benefits of their involvement”

Jennie Armstrong MSc | Owner, Construction Health & Wellbeing