Big Steps: Choosing the Right Social Media Platform to Market your Small Business

by Ren Slavin April 18, 2023

If you don’t know how impactful social media can be for a small business then you’ve probably been living under a rock. From going viral to showcasing your products, social media platforms play a vital role in getting your name out there and above your competition – but where to start?

Choosing the right social media platform for your business can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts. And if you’re new to the social media game, then it can be pretty daunting with all of your options available. Do you post promotional videos on TikTok? Or aesthetically pleasing product posts on Instagram? Carry on reading to find out how you can determine which platform is right for you.

But I want to be on all of them!

Easy tiger! Whilst being on every social media platform known to man can elevate your online presence, it’s hard work both understanding the platform and its algorithms (the set of rules that determine how content is ranked and distributed to users on social platforms), and maintaining the content that you’re posting so it’s consistent and current. We recommend starting off by mastering just one social media platform of choice and going from there.

Identify your target audience

You need to start by identifying your target audience. Any good marketing plan has a target demographic which needs to be utilised (so the right people are seeing your stuff). Different social media platforms attract different demographics (and we’ve even done a handy blog post about this before, which you can read here). 

Evaluate each platform’s features

Social media platforms each have unique features which can be used for marketing purposes. Instagram for example, is a visual platform and is perfect for businesses that rely on static (images) visual content to attract customers. Facebook on the other hand is seen as the ‘community’ platform and is therefore ideal for businesses that want to build a community around their brand and have conversations with their customers.

Consider your resources

Before choosing your social media platform, you need to think about what resources you have available. If you don’t have the time or budget for a dedicated social media team, definitely focus on just one platform to start with, or even invest in a social media marketer from a third party (cough cough, hello 👀). It’s important to remember that building up a social media presence takes time, patience, sometimes monetary input and dedication.

Take a look at your competitors

What are your competitors doing? Which platform are they most present on? It’s important to know what your competitors are doing online. By analysing their social media strategy, you can ascertain which platforms work for them and use this information to help you make an informed decision.


You don’t know until you try as the age-old saying goes, and it’s true! Try your hand at creating some content for your brand, and monitor the results. This will help you decide what works best for your business. 

Remember, if you need a hand with how to boost your online presence or simply have no idea what you’re doing, then Marketing 101 can help – simply get in touch with us via email, phone, or even on our social media platforms!

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