With our extensive range of skills both within our teams and associates, we pride ourself on offering an incredible range of marketing activities. Generally we like to start with something that generates leads or sales – see below SEO / PPC / Email Marketing / Google Shopping / Social Adverts – but really, the opportunities to grow your business are endless – just check out our ‘tool box’ below.

Consultancy / Marketing Mentor

In the murky world of marketing it’s so easy to waste money. Allow us to hold your hand with our marketing mentor service, ensuring you invest your marketing budget the right way from the very start.

Email Marketing

If you don’t email your customers already – you should! Let’s get set up and start gathering contacts. If you email already, let’s refine your messaging and make the most of your efforts.


Times are changing and, almost certainly, so is your business. Let’s talk about the present and the future, and make plans for the best way to survive, and maybe thrive, in these uncertain times.

Video & Photo

Video and photography content is vital to engaging your audience online, from informative videos to help sell your product, or lifestyle photography and vlogging to help you sell your brand.

Events / Experiential

From small opening parties, to product launches, seasonal events, online gatherings and full scale festivals, we have lots of experience to help you build an exciting and effective event.

In Store

Websites are great but stores are awesome, and real! An outsiders perspective can be invaluable to seeing things from a customer’s perspective. Invite us to critique your store or do a secret shopper audit.

GDPR / Privacy

Massive yawn but super important – you need to ensure you’re obeying the 2019 update to our privacy laws, implementing GDPR. Let’s talk about how to store your customer data legally.

Social Media

Everyone should be on social media – it’s the best place to talk to your customers and to verify you as an authoritative voice in your trade. Choose the right platform and get going!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click‘ are the adverts you see at the top of a Google result, on the side of Facebook, or banners on news sites etc. We can help you find a target audience and set up some basic campaigns.

Google Shopping

If you’re selling a physical product we can sync your website with Google Shopping (whether Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce etc.) quickly and easily and start getting those sales in!

Brand development / Rebranding

From a logo redesign to a full rebrand including colours, imagery, logo, assets and brand-story, Marketing 101 has a wealth of experience to help you develop your brand or give your business a full makeover.

Data & Analysis

You’ve probably got more data and customer info than you realise. Let’s take a look and see if we can get some actionable insights from it. If not, let’s set up some data collection.

Content Creation

Creating regular, engaging content for your website/blog/social media channels is vital. It boosts SEO and gives your audience a new way to connect with your business – click here for our 30 day content planning tool!


Most businesses still need catalogues, flyers and leaflets. You bring the content and Marketing 101 will bring the design and we’ll work together to get you some impressive physical marketing collateral.


A lot of traditional forms of advertising no longer present value for money, but there are still opportunities out there if you can pair the right media publication to your requirement.

Podcast Creation & Editing

Setting up a Podcast can be a huge driver, not just for leads but also for networking and developing new contacts. It can seem overwhelming but it’s easier than you think. Let us guide you through it.

Website - Build or Develop

If you don’t have a website – we can build it, or manage your chosen developer. If you do have a website, you might need new functionality – let’s brainstorm what your next steps should be.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is how your business ranks higher on Google/Bing etc. and it’s not hard. Social media, a bit of content creation and website best-practise will do it.

Influencer Marketing

Everyone can benefit from some ‘social selling’ – the art is in finding the right influencers to support you. Alex has lectured for 4 years on Influencer Marketing so can certainly help find an ambassador.

Cause / Causal Marketing

Cause Marketing is all about pairing your business with an appropriate charity or otherwise positive cause and giving something back. It’s great for both the cause AND your business.

Public Relations (PR)

Trade and consumer press are more accessible to your business than you might think – if you have a compelling story associated with your business then Marketing 101 can help you get coverage.

Copy Writing & Proof Reading

All businesses need copy (text) but it can be time consuming and easy to make errors. Consider letting Marketing 101 write for you, or submit your own content to us for proof reading.

Advocacy & Word of Mouth

There’s nothing better than repeat custom. Let’s discover how we can get the most out of your existing customer base and reward them for recommendations and word of mouth.

Direct / Postal

Posting to your customers is still an incredibly powerful way of reaching them, particularly if they’ve opted out of your digital/phone marketing comms. Let’s talk about how you can engage your customers at their own front door.