Marketing 101 are experts in email marketing. So if you have a current email marketing strategy that needs jazzing up, or want to delve into the realm of reaching out to your database, then read on. We can help you create captivating and effective email marketing campaigns. We have helped our clients with product launches, event marketing and regular email updates to help increase their reach and connect with more contacts.

Email marketing can help you achieve a range of different goals, for example:

  • Encourage shoppers to complete checkout
  • Send out exclusive discounts and offers
  • Keep your audience updated with news and events
  • Promote new products or services
  • Segment your audience and target your marketing + so much more!

We leverage data-driven insights to optimise your marketing campaigns, ensuring that our efforts deliver maximum results.

    Sending emails to your audience may sometimes seem a bit ‘spammy’, but did you know that you can retain customers and bring in new clients through your email marketing? Sending out weekly, fortnightly or even monthly emails not only increases your brand’s exposure, but also encourages and persuades your audience to click the ‘buy/book’ now button.

    So if you want to stay ahead in the digital race, stand out amongst competitors and tick off your marketing goals whilst not lifting a finger, then get in touch!