101 News Podcast Episode 8

by Ren Slavin July 10, 2023

Welcome back to another instalment of our podcast within a podcast, 101 News. Delivering you the freshest updates weekly, you can discover what’s new in the world of marketing. 

Our main podcast has a lot of content covering some fantastic tips, hacks and other bits to help you maximise your marketing.

In this episode, I’m covering YouTube’s updates to stories, Instagram’s inside information to crack their algorithms and an update on Meta Verified

Say Goodbye to YouTube Stories

The video platform YouTube will be axing its stories feature from 26th June.

YouTube now wants creators to focus on other elements of the platform, such as community posts and shorts (short video clips as opposed to long videos).

YouTube stories were short, mobile-only videos which allowed users to connect with their audience more easily on the go, however their shorts feature serves a similar function.

Instagram Algorithms, Broken Down

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has broken down how the rankings and algorithms on Instagram really work on the app.

The platform uses 4 key signals to decide what is shown on people’s newsfeeds. This is based on your activity (the posts you’ve interacted with), how much engagement the post has got, who posted it and your history of interacting with others.

Instagram stories are ranked by how often a user views one’s story, and how you interact with other people’s stories. Instagram also try and work out whether the people who are interacting with your stuff are friends or family. 

As for reels, these share a similar rule, and their rankings depend on what the user has engaged with to determine what reel is shown next.

Meta Verified Hits the UK

Rejoice – Meta Verified is now available in the UK (yay). 

This paid-for verification service is now available in the UK. If you weren’t aware of what it is, it can be compared to ‘Twitter Bue’ which is a paid-for service on Twitter which gives users a blue verification tick on their profile from £9.99 a month.

You will need an ID to qualify and must be over the age of 18.

Meme of the Week

Wes Anderson takes over the internet for this week’s Meme of the Week. The creation of videos in the style of a Wes Anderson movie has surged online, with businesses and content creators alike using this template to showcase their products. 

That concludes this week’s roundup! Hopefully, these new insights can help you tailor your marketing strategy to keep it current.

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