101 News Podcast Episode 5

by Ren Slavin June 19, 2023

Welcome back to 101 News, our weekly podcast of all things marketing.

Our main podcast covers all sorts of tips and tricks to help your business’s marketing strategy so be sure to check that out, alongside our socials – all of which can be found in the show notes.

Now let’s get into this week’s news…

In this blog post, I will be covering Instagram’s latest features, a new social media platform called Lemon8 and Marketing 101’s Birthday Competition…

Instagram’s Latest Features

Instagram is always trialling new features, but are you up to date with what’s new in the app? 

Instagram now allow users to schedule posts within the app, which can be handy for businesses and content creators alike (especially if you’re trying to hit different time zones). 

You can now also have multiple links in your bio, making it easier for people to signpost their followers to different places (instead of having to post a linktree). Users can also now upload a 60-second story (without cuts every 15 seconds). It seems that Instagram is finally listening to its users!

Lemon8 – From the Creators of TikTok

Lovers of all things aesthetic can rejoice at the app called Lemon8. Created by the makers of the ever-popular video app TikTok, Lemon8 has been described by the creators as “a place for young creatives to creatives to share a diversity of content from fashion, makeup, food and travel to homewares, pets and anything else you can imagine”.

Lemon8 is a video and photo-sharing platform that follows the vertical scrolling format of TikTok and Instagram. Lemon8 posts can be completely annotated, and contain text to help label objects in the post. I’ve actually had a go at creating a few posts on there, so click here to have a look at what Lemon8 is all about.

Marketing 101’s Third Birthday

May is an important month for Marketing 101, as we’re celebrating our third birthday! To commemorate the event, we’re holding a fantastic competition for all of our clients and followers. You could be in the chance of winning:

  • A Leather-bound Notebook personalised with ‘Marketing 101’ supplied by Paper High
  • 1 free admission to Marketing 101’s Zero to Podcaster Course
  • 1 month’s free membership to Evolve Stronger’s Virtual Personal Trainer App
  • 4x tickets to the Sussex Gin Fest (ginfestco.com)

So to be in the chance of winning these one-of-a-kind prizes, simply LIKE the post(s) and TAG one person in the comments who you’d take to the Sussex Gin Fest!! Multiple comments equals multiple entries so what are you waiting for? Best of luck! This competition is open to UK residents over the age of 18 and closes on 10th June.

Meme of the Week

This week’s meme of the week follows the yesterday, today tomorrow format to the theme tune of Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York.

TikTok users are taking to the platform to take up this trend, saying they did an activity yesterday, they did it today, and they’ll probably do it tomorrow.

The meaning behind the meme? Who really knows? Businesses can jump on the trend by placing their product or services as an example. So if we would to do it, it would sound a little something like:

Created a blog post yesterday. Created a blog post today. Will probably create a blog post tomorrow – or along those lines! Use the trend to showcase a new product or service.

And that is all for this week. I hope you enjoyed our weekly roundup. Remember you can tune in every week to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world of marketing and social media. 


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