Marketing Mythbusters: You DON’T Need to be on Every Social Media Platform

by Ren Slavin November 21, 2023

Welcome back to the Marketing 101 blog, but more importantly, our marketing Mythbuster series.

In our last blog post in this series, we covered The myth that marketing is all about selling (click here to read the last post). This time round we’re exploring the belief that to be successful you have to be on every social media platform.


Quality V Quantity.

As the age-old saying goes, one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy is quality over quantity. 

Whilst this applies to the content you’re producing for social media platforms this is also appropriate for the number of social media platforms that you’re on as a business. It’s more beneficial to focus on one or even two social media platforms so you can put the appropriate time and energy into it rather than spreading yourself across several different platforms.

Each social media platform serves a different purpose, and your target audience may not be on the social media platform that you have chosen. So rather than picking all of the social media platforms and hoping for the best, research what social media platform your audience demographic is using and put your time and energy into that instead. What works well on TikTok will crash and burn on Pinterest.

Don’t Drain Your Resources.

As we all well know by now marketing is a massive tree with many different branches.  Trying to cover every social platform means that you’re wasting precious resources and time which could be focused on other things such as email Marketing or SEO.

Attempting to be everywhere can lead to burnout and decrease the quality in your content so it’s wiser to invest your resources in a platform that will yield the best results for your business.

Target Audience Focus.

Let’s knock all down a little bit on different target audiences on different social media platforms.  It’s common knowledge that different social media platforms attract distinct demographics. And whilst this is a bit of a generalisation it mostly rings true

For example, if your audience consists of mainly professionals a platform such as LinkedIn may be more effective than Instagram. If your target audience is younger people, focus your efforts on platforms such as TikTok rather than Facebook.

Tailoring your content and your strategy to a specific preference and behaviour according to your target demographic ensures a more impactful and resonant message.

The Importance of Analytics.

Analysing data from your marketing campaigns is important when it comes to learning.  Sometimes crunching numbers can be tiring, but if you’re doing this for multiple social media platforms you’re going to be exhausted.

By focusing on just one or two social media platforms you can more effectively Chuck and analyse the performance of your campaigns. This will in turn allow you to optimise your strategy based on real-time data. Being on every single social media platform can make it challenging to analyse performance accurately and make well-informed decisions. 


If you want a bit more insight on choosing the right social media platform for you, then click here to read. Our podcast also offers lots of helpful hints and tips when it comes to optimising your social media strategy.

 Keep an eye on our blog as we reveal more marketing myths that are false!


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