Big Steps: Video Content for social media

by Ren Slavin April 08, 2022

Welcome back to Marketing 101’s blog and our new “Big Steps” series. Take a look at the introduction video below to hear Alex speak a bit about video for social media…

So, what is video content?

Video content is any video clip which is utilised on a social media platform to engage with your followers. For example, a business may choose to do a “packaging” video where they box up one of their orders, film it (maybe with a time lapse) and post it onto their social media as part of their marketing plan. Another example could be a “how-to” video, where a company shows how to use a product. 

Marketing 101 have been using video content to showcase our fantastic variety of clients. Video content is naturally more engaging due to the visual aspects of it – an audience finds it easier to watch something as opposed to reading a bulk of text. 


Why is video content taking off?

In the past few years, video content has seen a surge in popularity on social media; this is primarily thanks to the platform TikTok; making it easier for both beginners in video making to novices alike to produce video content. Other social media platforms caught wind of the popularity of a video-based platform, and decided to start adapting to keep up…


How have social media platforms changed for video?

Instagram introduced features such as Reels (60 second clips) and IGTV (Instagram TV, allowing you to upload clips up to 15 minutes long). Instagram’s algorithms then push video content onto people’s feeds over static content (stand-alone images/posts) due to the higher level of engagement rates that video content gets. Another example of this is platforms such as Snapchat adopting a ‘Spotlight’ feature which functions the same as a TikTok feed (scroll down endlessly through video content). Video content is shared 1200% more than static content on social media. 


How can I up my video content game?

There are many apps and platforms out there to make your life easier when it comes to producing video content…

CapCut – CapCut is a free application for your phone which allows you to quickly cut, edit and add sounds to video content you capture. It’s super easy to use, and can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android).


Lumen5 – Lumen5 is another video editing tool which allows you to create quick and fun videos for your brand. You can either search for media to use on the platform, or upload your own. Lumen5 is free, however some features are only available if you upgrade to a premium package. 


TikTok – Whilst TikTok is a social media platform, you can curate videos within the app, edit them and keep up with the latest trends. You can then repurpose the content you make on TikTok by sharing it to your other social media platforms too!


What do I do next?

So why don’t you have a go at using video content to boost your social media? Whether you make a “behind the scenes” style video, or a montage of images to a catchy tune – try and incorporate it into your social media plan. With all of the above available, hopefully you’ll be able to widen your content! If you need more advice then contact Marketing 101 today!

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