Threads: Introducing Meta’s New Social Media App

by Ren Slavin August 14, 2023
A woman sitting around a whirl of colour portraying Instagram and Facebook to introduce Threads

Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, continues to push the boundaries of innovation. And now, they’ve introduced “Threads” – a revolutionary social media app designed to bring people closer together through meaningful conversations and shared interests.  Meta has set out to redefine how we connect, interact, and engage within our online communities.

The Essence of Threads

Threads is an app built on the premise of authentic human connections, focusing on quality engagement rather than mindless scrolling. It embraces the idea that every user has unique passions and interests, and it seeks to cultivate vibrant communities around these topics, fostering lasting relationships and conversations.

Some may even argue that it’s Meta’s version of Twitter (now known as X).


Key Features

Interest-Based Threads: At the core lies the concept of “threads.” These threads are user-generated interest-based communities, where users can initiate discussions, share thoughts, and post content about a particular topic. From photography enthusiasts to cooking aficionados, they empower users to explore, create, and interact with their passions.

Meaningful Conversations: The app emphasises meaningful conversations by discouraging one-liner comments and fostering in-depth discussions. 

It encourage users to engage thoughtfully and respond with substance, leading to richer interactions and a more satisfying social media experience.

Community Moderation: To ensure a positive and respectful environment, Threads employs a robust community moderation system. Active users are rewarded with moderation privileges, allowing them to maintain the quality of discussions within their favourite threads and keep toxicity at bay.

Enhanced Privacy Controls: Building upon Meta’s commitment to user privacy, Threads offers advanced privacy settings that put users in control of their data. 

Users can choose the level of visibility they want for each thread and maintain separate privacy settings for different profiles.

Discover New Threads: The app’s intelligent algorithm suggests relevant threads based on a user’s interests, ensuring they discover new and exciting communities to join. This feature facilitates serendipitous connections, broadening horizons, and connecting like-minded individuals across the globe.

Seamless Integration with Meta’s Ecosystem: The app effortlessly integrates with other Meta apps, allowing users to share content seamlessly across platforms and ensuring a smooth experience for those who are already part of the Meta family. You can also sync your profile bio and photo with the one you have on Instagram to make things super quick and easy.


Are you on Threads yet? If not, will you join the hype? Be sure to let us know down below!

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