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by alex@alexryanuk.com July 09, 2021

Marketing 101 previously wrote about which social media platform was the most popular with each age group, but a lot has changed since 2021! Take a look below at our updated stats…

18-24 (born 2000 – 2006)

In the 18-24 age group, Snapchat follows closely at 38.1%, offering short messaging and augmented reality features.

TikTok leads with 36.7% usage, capturing the attention of young adults with its short-form videos and viral content. 

Reddit follows with 33.71%, offering niche communities and discussions.

Instagram boasts 31.7% usage, known for its visual content and influencer culture. 

Pinterest attracts 28.6% of users and X (Twitter) concludes with 28.35%.

LinkedIn holds a smaller share with 24.5%, appealing to young professionals interested in career networking. 

Facebook remains relevant with 23.0% usage, serving as a long-existing platform.

YouTube maintains a significant presence with 15.7%, providing a platform for both entertainment and educational content. 

25-34 (born 1999 – 1990)

Users aged 25-34 demonstrate diverse social media usage patterns. LinkedIn leads among professionals with 50.6%, providing opportunities for career growth.

Reddit engages 34.18% of users while TikTok maintains a strong presence with 32.6%, continuing to appeal with its engaging video content and viral trends.

Facebook retains relevance at 31.1%, serving as a platform for personal connections and community engagement. 

Instagram follows closely with 30.6%, Pinterest appeals to 29.9% of users and X (Twitter) with 29.63%.

Snapchat users make up 23.6%, remaining popular for its interactive features. 

YouTube follows with 21.5%, offering a wide range of video content.

The popularity of LinkedIn among professionals can be attributed to its career-focused features, while platforms like TikTok and Instagram resonate with this demographic for their visual appeal and influencer-driven content.

35-44 (born 1989 – 1980)

Middle-aged adults aged 35-44 show a preference for platforms that balance personal and professional interests.

Facebook remains significant with 20.2%. 17.9% uses YouTube, X (Twitter) has 17.96%, Pinterest appeals to 17.3% of users and 16.0% uses TikTok.

Instagram holds 16.0% and Reddit engages 15.44% of users. 

The enduring popularity of Facebook among this group can be attributed to its broad user base and familiarity, while other platforms cater to specific interests.

45-54 (born 1979 – 1970)

Users aged 45-54 demonstrate a preference for established platforms that offer a mix of informative content and social connectivity. 

YouTube make up 12.9% users while Facebook with 12.0%. X (Twitter) holds 11.63% and Pinterest appeals to 11.3% of users. Reddit engages 8.87% of users, 8.7% uses Instagram and TikTok with 8.3%.

55-64 (born 1969 – 1960)

Older adults aged 55-64 demonstrate a preference for platforms that offer informational value and easy accessibility. 

YouTube leads with 9.4% usage, Pinterest follows with 8.4%% and Facebook concludes with 7.6%. X (Twitter) has 7.61%, 4.76% uses Reddit and Instagram engages 4.6% of users.

Older adults aged 55-64 demonstrate a preference for platforms that offer informational value and easy accessibility. 

65+ (born 1959 – earlier)

LinkedIn leads with 21% and YouTube follows with 9.5% usage, providing accessible video content ranging from informative documentaries to nostalgic clips.

Facebook follows with 6.1%, serving as a familiar platform, 4.83% uses X (Twitter) and Pinterest appeals to 4.5% of users.

Reddit follows with 3.05% and Instagram engages 2.9% of users.

Seniors aged 65 and older favour platforms that offer simplicity and valuable content.


Young adults aged 18-24 favour TikTok and Snapchat for their short-form and interactive content, alongside LinkedIn for professional networking. 

In the 25-34 age range, TikTok and Instagram remain popular for visual and influencer-driven content, while LinkedIn dominates as a career-oriented platform. 

Middle-aged adults aged 35-44 show a strong presence on Facebook, complemented by YouTube and Pinterest for specific interests. 

Older demographics, including those aged 45-54 and 55-64, prefer established platforms like Facebook and YouTube.














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