Now You Know: AI for Marketing

by Ren Slavin January 12, 2024

2023 saw a surge in the use of artificial intelligence for just about everything.

From generating creative images to fulfil a TikTok trend to rewriting CVs, AI has been incredibly helpful in igniting a creative spark that may have been stuttering in the wind. We’re here to give you the lowdown on all things AI for 2024 and things to watch out for.

So, what’s the latest in AI developments?

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Bing have seen user growth thanks to their generative AI features — these developments locked into the potential across various sectors, from healthcare to creative industries. Generative AI can generate content such as images and text, based on patterns learnt from a large dataset. 

Whilst these aren’t new developments for 2024, they are constantly evolving thanks to users interacting with them. This means it’s constantly learning and evolving, providing users with tailored content which is up-to-date (as can be). 

2024 will also see more governance around AI as it becomes a more integrated part of our lives. 

The world of influencer marketing is also changing as we know it, with AI ‘influencers’ being paid to model products and create UGC (User Generated Content). AI Instagram Model, Emily Pellegrini has earned her creator close to £8,000 since her account was created. 

Does AI still have a negative effect on search engine rankings?

Search engines such as Google started to change their stance on AI content last year, less than half a year after they warned against the detrimental effects of AI-written content.

Content that was created for users (and not for search engine rankings) was deemed helpful and ‘ok’. Google changed its angle, with Danny Sullivan stating that ‘Google’s focus is on the quality of content, rather than how content is produced’. 

We’d suggest that you blend the powers of AI with human insight and creativity to produce something that not only performs well from an SEO perspective but also retains authenticity for your audience. If in doubt, always consult an SEO specialist.

What does this mean for marketing?

ChatGPT has evolved the way we navigate through the world of tech, but how can you tell when something has been written by ChatGPT?

Particular phrases are commonly used by generative AI services, such as ChatGPT, which end up being a dead giveaway that content is AI-generated. Some phrases to look out for are things such as “embark on a journey”, “have you ever”, “clear vision” and the classic “in conclusion”. AI has a very set pattern when it comes to generating copy, which usually consists of an opening paragraph, a list, and then a conclusive paragraph.

Do try and make it your own. A great way of utilising AI for your marketing strategy is to use it to give you helpful suggestions and insights, or even to do your research for you. Remember, AI can sometimes be incorrect, so if you’re using data then be sure to fact-check it.

Check for things such as Americanised spellings too, as sometimes these can slip under the radar when copying/pasting from AI.

We’ve previously collated some ChatGPT prompts for businesses here

I like doing my own research – how else can I utilise AI?

Good on you!

AI can be used for a wealth of different things. Utilising AI as a personal assistant is a great way to help keep on top of your admin. 

You can use AI to upload things such as CSV files, and financial documents, generate cash flow forecasts and analyse data. You can submit a document and ask AI pretty much anything about the data in that document, and it can summarise it for you. It’s almost like having a legal advisor or an accountant sitting next to you.

What does 2024 hold for AI?*

AI will continue to evolve and shape the way that content is produced throughout 2024.

Different industries will begin to adopt the use of AI, and streamline processes to offer innovative solutions.

We are also likely to see some advancements in generative AI, particularly when it comes to creating realistic and sophisticated content such as images and videos. 

There may also be a heightened focus on ethical AI developments, including addressing issues such as privacy, bias and transparency. It has also been predicted that AI will help to make substantial contributions to healthcare and biotechnology, which may see some advancements in healthcare services. 

Our key takeaways: 

  1. Use AI as a tool to help you create content rather than a tool to create the content for you.
  2. Stay authentic and tailor AI’s content to your brand if you do decide to use it.
  3. Keep up-to-date on AI advancements so you don’t fall behind.
  4. Don’t rely on AI.
  5. AI makes a great personal assistant!

Keep an eye on our socials and our podcasts, as we frequently publish updates and current affairs to help tailor your marketing strategy.

Remember, AI is a rapidly changing landscape so use it at your discretion.

*information from ChatGPT4.

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