“Marketing is everything, and everything is Marketing.”

Hello, I’m Alex Ryan!

My experience in marketing has a wide span. When I started my most recent role back in 2014 marketing activities for a global merchandise design and manufacturing business were spread between the 36 members of staff, NONE of whom were marketers.

6 years later and we’d seen incredible growth – now 150 staff, turnover increased 4-fold, on track to hit £100M in the next couple of years. As you can imagine, this incredible journey required me to uncover and test and refine every element of marketing that exists – I discovered an ability to learn quickly and adapt with versatility.

Outside of marketing I’m a semi-retired house DJ and radio host, an avid cook,, a festival acolyte, a huge fan of podcasts and elearning books, and consider myself truly blessed to reside in the beautiful, famous and notoriously hedonistic City of Brighton and Hove on the South coast of the United Kingdom.

I’m inspired by change, by variety and by success, and am driven to inspire all those things in others. I thrive as an editor – taking other people’s work and helping them refine it, grow it and realise it’s true potential.

Twitter, @AlexRyanUK     //     Instagram; alex.ryan.uk     //     LinkedIn; AlexRyanUK

If you’re tempted to listen to me DJ, then click here to be linked through to Mixcloud where you can hear various mixes and radio show recordings.