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Website Health Check

from £49 (or from £99 to include a social media audit)

Fill in this super-quick form and let us know whether you would like the stand-alone Website Health Check, or if you’d like to bolt on a social media audit too.

Alternatively, read on for more details and an example report.

    It’s sometimes hard to look at your own work with a critical eye. It’s even harder to decide if something is adhering to marketing best-practice if you’re not a marketer.

    Our Website Health Check (with an option to bolt on a social media audit) will give you better understanding of how your online presence is performing and how first-time visitors may view your business, plus ideas for development and opportunities for new lead & sales driving activities.

    STEP ONE – Discovery call (FREE, NO COMMITMENT)

    We’ll need to learn all about your business – what are you selling, how do you function, who are your customers and how do they normally find you? This short (15min) discovery call will allow you to introduce your business to us, while we introduce ourselves to you. If you don’t want to proceed with the Health Check after that then there are no requirements to do so.

    STEP TWO – Let us go to work!

    Within 5 working days we will complete a review of your website (on both desktop & mobile) and up to 5 social media platforms if you wish. We look for errors, typos, broken links, basic SEO compliance, missed opportunities etc., plus flagging when marketing, web-design or social media best-practice has not been adhered to.

    STEP THREE – Read the report

    Our discoveries and advice will be delivered to you by way of an emailed report. We ensure we explain things clearly and logically, giving you a document that will give you actionable tasks and activities that you can work on if you choose.

    STEP FOUR (OPTIONAL)  – Follow-up call

    Once you’ve absorbed the report you can choose to set up a follow-up call. We’ll be happy to talk through any of the items on the report that you would like clarification or more detail for.

    STEP FIVE (OPTIONAL) – Next steps!

    The report will finish with a list of the next steps advised by Marketing 101. Of course we would suggest that you fix everything mentioned within the report, but this will be a list of larger activities that we feel could benefit your business. For example, we might advise a rebrand, some SEO work, or that you start a podcast. We may suggest that you create some content to get Linkedin working harder for you, or we might advise a new social media channel that you could take advantage of.

    If you’d like Marketing 101’s consultancy or support on these next steps then we can discuss this in the follow up call, again, no commitment required.

    Example Report

    Click the image to view a reduced example of the report you will receive. This report is NOT of any one single business but instead is comprised of just a few of the comments/advice that we have given to previous & current clients in their own Website & Social Media Health Checks.

    For this reduced example report we have included just 2x social media platforms.

    What’s included?

    • Discovery call
    • Review of your website (on both desktop & mobile)
    • Review of up to 5 social media channels
    • Emailed report
    • Optional follow up call

    Price dependencies

    The price of this package may vary based on the following factors;

    • if you want more than 5 social media profiles reviewed
    • if your website is large (this price is based around an 8-10 page non-transactional website or a small ecommerce website (8-10 categories)
    • support & consultancy for our advised ‘next steps’ will be priced on an individual basis