Kickstart 101 – our first ever employee!

by alex@alexryanuk.com August 04, 2021

Hi, I’m Miroslav (Miro) and I’m Marketing 101’s first ever employee. I’m 22 years old, Slovak and have been living in the UK since 2009 having moved here with my family when I was younger. I studied Accounting & Finance at The University of Brighton and have now moved here permanently. As Marketing 101’s first ever employee I’ve been asked to write a bit of an account of my first week here – so here we go!


Coming from a background in accounting means that I have relatively little experience when it comes to business marketing. My boss Alex however did not mind this when hiring me for my position. He decided to give me a chance to train and develop myself in the field and the change from accounting to marketing has overall been quite the pleasant one. Both thanks to the field overall and thanks to Alex’s training. 

So far the training which Alex is providing me has been great. He is very clear and concise when explaining every topic and makes it easy to understand for someone who had no prior experience with marketing. This has allowed me to pick up a variety of new skills I otherwise wouldn’t have learned such as using wordpress to edit websites or using canva as well as other marketing topics that I have learned about thanks to Alex. 


The type of work I’ve done has been very nice and diverse. This is great because the work is in no way repetitive and varies each day. I’ve had the pleasure of doing various blogs and ads for our clients as well as other social media posts. Furthermore, I’ve been making edits to clients websites using WordPress which I have learned thanks to Alex teaching me as I had no prior experience of working with WordPress but thanks to Alex’s training I am able to pick up very quickly and turn it into a great skill. 

Thanks to the great training Alex is providing me, I am able to get the work done with relatively low difficulty even with having no marketing experience. If I am struggling with anything Alex is there to help me but I do try to figure things out myself. Usually however, pretty much everything is explained to me before I start my work so I can get through it without any issues. 

Work conditions

During the first week, the working conditions were great! I get to work from home and do not have to travel to an office and am therefore saving money on travel expenses and do not have to wake up as early as I otherwise would have to. Furthermore, I am able to reschedule my work according to myself and am free to move hours around as much as I want as long as it benefits me. I am also able to do something like going to the gym during the day if I want to and can make up for the hour or two after I come back and continue working in the evening. 

This is great as it allows me to plan my work well and I am able to meet deadlines nicely as I can just reschedule my work around deadlines and can work at my own pace. 

Overall vibe

Marketing 101 has proven to be a very nice and chill place for me to work. Not only can I work from home, I am able to plan all my work myself during the day even as a new starter which shows what kind of great business Marketing 101 is for it’s employees.

My first week at Marketing 101 has been a great one. There are so many positives of working here such as the great work conditions, training, the work itself and I can see myself developing a career at Marketing 101. 

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