101 News Podcast Episode 4

by Ren Slavin May 05, 2023

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Let’s get into this week’s news…

In this blog post, I will be covering the rise of Bing, Oatley’s new marketing campaign and the Twitter verification gate that everyone is talking about.


Bing’s New AI-powered Search Engine

The new AI-powered version of the search engine Bing is taking the world by storm with online users describing, and I quote, “shock and awe” as they power up the shiny new version of the website. 

The search engine has hit 100 million active users, with its new Bing Chat feature putting Microsoft’s search engine in the spotlight. 

With Bing on the continuous rise, now is the time for small businesses to take advantage of the hype and use Bing to advertise their business through Microsoft Ads. More footfall on the platform means more exposure for advertisers. Bing also incorporates social signals more strongly in its algorithm than Google, meaning your social media marketing activity has more impact on Bing than it does on Google.


Oatley’s ‘fckoatley’ Campaign


A campaign that has got marketers everywhere talking is the Oatley f*** Oatley campaign. This eyebrow-raising campaign is an effort to shut down the negative view that some people have on the company. 

They have launched three websites which outline all of the boycotts, drama, cancellations and lawsuits targeting the brand, all following a URL theme of fckoatley.com. The aim is to inform people about the various negative events surrounding the brand, and Oatly’s side of the story. The fckfckoatley.com domain even has a button which allows people to “confirm your dislike of fckoatly.com – it’s really something you should see for yourself!


Twitters Verification Issues


Twitter is at it again, this time with several Twitter verification faux pas. Twitter allowed a fake Disney Junior account posting explicit content to be verified, as well as reinstating some celebrity’s blue verification tick – including those who are sadly no longer with us…

The platform has been disputed to be under fire recently, and the credibility of the platform has been questionable since Elon Musks’ takeover. This recent scandal has seen people cancelling their Twitter Blue subscription, some even going as far as to block users who have the blue tick in a grassroots campaign to “block the blue”.


Meme of the Week


Now, a meme is defined as an amusing or interesting item, like a video or an image, which is spread widely and quickly on the internet, particularly through social media.

And for this week, our meme is WWE star John Cena, dancing away with headphones on. Businesses and TikTok users alike are using the song Cupid by an artist called Bae, with the clip of Cena dancing away. Captions vary from “when you find your new favourite song” to businesses captioning it “when you find your new favourite product”.

 Of course, as always memes are visual, so click here to see this meme in action.

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