Big Steps: Say Goodbye to Universal Analytics and Hello to GA4

by Ren Slavin November 24, 2022

Goodbye Universal Analytics… and hello GA4.

As a small business, you’re probably fully aware of the benefits that accessing your Universal Analytics has to your marketing strategy. We’ve been banging on about SEO a lot lately, but for good reason. Google Analytics is an important element of any SEO strategy, and SEO is worth investing in if you want the most out of your marketing plan. As with most technology, it is ever evolving, and can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re constantly chasing new updates and trends so you’re not left behind. But fear not, whilst the new changes are scary, Marketing-101 can be your safety blanket to ensure your business is up and running with the GA4 switch.

So get ahead of the game. Read on below to find out WHY these changes are happening, and HOW you can ensure you’re ready for them. 


What is GA4?

Launched in 2020 alongside UA, GA4 is going to totally replace Universal Analytics imminently. Summer of 2023 will see Universal Analytics being replaced by GA4, and whilst it seems like a long way off, you want to get ahead of the game. GA4 was designed with the future of data reading in mind, and helps collect and analyse data with the customer journey at the forefront. This is a non-optional transfer. 


What new features will there be?

GA4 has been designed to evolve and grow as technology and customer habits do. 

The new GA4 software boasts: 

  • Collection of both website and app data to better understand the customer journey
  • Use of event-based data instead of session-based
  • Inclusion of privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, and behavioural and conversion modelling
  • Predictive capabilities offer guidance without complex models
  • Direct integrations to media platforms help drive actions on your website or app


What do I do now?

This is where you let us take the stress out of the non-optional transfer for you. For £150 + VAT, Marketing-101 can get your business set up on the new GA4 system, with all of your data transferred as well as implementing the best practices to ensure your business is way ahead of the game and in the best position for the transition.  


So it’s simple, contact us here or give us a call on 01273 569108 and let us help you get set up and in the best place possible for 2023.


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