Big Steps: ChatGPT Prompts for Your Small Business

by Ren Slavin July 20, 2023

Finding the right words to market your business can be tricky. Whether you’re trying to re-write some of your website pages or think of some catchy social media captions, there’s only so much we can do before we hit a wall.

But fear not, the AI hype isn’t quite over yet. The AI chatbot, ChatGPT has many capabilities, one of them being quick copy. Whilst AI copy doesn’t do any favours when it comes to SEO, it can be a useful tool to get the creative cogs churning. 

AI’s Capabilities

With a little bit of prompting from the user, ChatGPT can generate text bespoke to your business. There are several ways to do this…

The Interview Prompt

One of the way you can generate some copy for your content is by asking ChatGPT to essentially interview you…

Start by introducing your brand to ChatGPT, and ask it to ask you 20 questions that the role of a customer would be interested to know the answers too, like so:

ChatGPT will then ask you a series of questions which a potential customer would want to know. From this, you can start to think about the answers you would give and then turn these answers into content for your website/social media. For example:

  1. Marketing 101 offers bespoke marketing services tailored to our client’s needs. We offer services ranging from [A] to [B] etc.
  2. Marketing 101 helps businesses improve their marketing strategies with our Marketing specialists. From email newsletters to social media strategy… etc. 
  3. Marketing 101 successfully delivered a marketing campaign for our renowned client, [insert client here].

See what we mean? Once the framework is provided by ChatGPT, it can be quite easy to start filling in the blanks.

Ask ChatGPT

You can get content from ChatGPT by simply asking it to generate X, Y and Z. Like before, it’s always good to provide some context so the answers are a bit more appropriate for your business. See some of our examples below:

The more detail you give ChatGPT, the better the response. You can even instruct it to act as [insert role here]:

Some other prompts you could use to generate some content are:

  • Write me a 30-day social media plan for my business, [insert business here]
  • Write me a product description for [insert product] and include [insert product characteristics] and [keywords]


Some things to remember:

  • ChatGPT is not optimised for SEO
  • Check American spellings
  • It may lack context/information
  • Not always 100% accurate
  • Will never replace human creativity

ChatGPT is a fun tool to help get your creativity flowing, and can be very useful when used as part of your planning process for your marketing strategy! Just remember to be wary of its limitations (you can read more about ChatGPTs benefits and limitations here) and have fun with it!

If you want professional marketing services that show real results, then get in touch with us today. 


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