101 News Podcast Episode 10

by Ren Slavin October 09, 2023

Welcome to this week’s instalment of 101 News – the podcast within a podcast bringing you updates, tips, tricks and news from the world of digital marketing.

Our main podcast contains even more in-depth information on how to maximise your marketing strategy, dig into your branding and connect with your audience so be sure to check that out.

This week, it’s all about Twitter’s rebrand to ‘X’, AI-generated LinkedIn photos and the Barbie marketing strategy that painted the globe pink.

Twitter Becomes X

Twitter has officially rebranded to ‘X’, thanks to Elon Musk’s latest update of the social media platform. Musk wants to evolve the social media site from a public messaging service into something much broader, including a one-stop shop for financial services. Musk stated, “The original name and blue bird logo made sense when the service was just 140 characters, like birds tweeting”. 

 Musk plans to auction Twitter memorabilia from its San Francisco headquarters following the social media platform’s name switch.

LinkedIn’s AI-Generated Profile Photos

A recent craze has blazed across TikTok and seeped into LinkedIn. Hundreds of users have been using AI to generate professional headshots. Users can upload a casual selfie into the Remini app, an app to help restore old images as well as generating AI images

and be rewarded with a choice of professional-looking headshots. Users will need to sign up for a free trial of the app to use this feature. Handy or scary – we’ll let you decide!

Barbie’s Marketing Success

It’s undeniable that the Marketing efforts from Warner Bros leading up to and following the release of the new Barbie film have been phenomenal. With an extensive array of brand partnerships (from LUSH Cosmetics to Balmain), everywhere you look is Barbie!

The marketing budget went so far as to create a bookable Barbie Dreamhouse where you and your friends can stay.

Rival studio executives estimate a marketing budget of $150 million, which is an impressive feat. Even the power of the internet has prevailed, with Barbie memes and TikTok trends sweeping the globe and bringing together fans alike.

So, what can we learn? The power of branding and customer loyalty is strong and shows the importance of having a compelling brand which is easily recognised and loved. We’ve enjoyed seeing all of the memes and partnerships that have resulted from this film.

Meme of the Week

Popular movie franchise, The Twilight Saga, takes position as this week’s Meme of the Week. UK residents who are fans of the film have been taking the lack of sunshine as an opportunity to embrace Autumn, a few months too early.

Users have been sharing clips and songs from the film, captioning videos with “when it starts to get a bit dark and stormy outside” with the backing track of “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation (a recognisable song from the first Twilight film for all of you Twihards out there).

There’s no denying that the weather has been a bit dull for Summer 2023, but we can always rely on the nostalgia of 2010 teen vampire movies to perk us up!

That concludes this week’s roundup! Hopefully, these new insights can help you tailor your marketing strategy to keep it current.

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